ATLANTE is proud to announce that AGM® special sliding material made of fluoropolymer has successfully completed a long term friction test over an accumulated slide path of 50000 m in accordance with EAD 050009-00-0301.

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AGM® ATLANTE Gliding Material

AGM ® is a patented new generation special sliding material made of fluoropolymer, whitout additives or fillers, for structural bearings.


In comparison to the lining materials used in current bridge bearing technology, AGM ® exhibits premium characteristics as a sliding material, offering a high level of reliability at no compromise.


Thanks to its unique chemical composition, AGM ® is capable to provide premium characteristics among current lining materials:


very wide service temperature range

no embrittlement or aging

excellent chemical resistance

low friction and excellent non-stick properties

high resistance to creep, particularly at elevated temperatures

high ductility

excellent dielectric properties

environmental friendly


AGM ® is certified for use under the most extreme conditions by:





ATLANTE Gliding Material


AGM ® Gliding Material

ATLANTE AGM ® Spherical Bearings that are designed and manufactured according to ETA-16/0974 and EAD-050009-00-0301 are CE-marked.


AGM ® is also used in antiseismic devices (sliding pendulum system) for base isolation of buildings and bridges, in accordance with the European Standard EN 15129



Expansion Joints

Anti-semismic Devices

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