ATLANTE is proud to announce that AGM® special sliding material made of fluoropolymer has successfully completed a long term friction test over an accumulated slide path of 50000 m in accordance with EAD 050009-00-0301.

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Seismic protection is becoming one of the most important branches of civil engineering, due to the great impact that it has on people’s life.


Anti-seismic devices are provided in structures with the aim of modifying their response to the seismic action.


The modification of the seismic response of the structure may be obtained by increasing the fundamental period of the structure by modifying the shape of the fundamental mode, by increasing the damping, by limiting the forces transmitted to the structure and/or introducing temporary connections that improve the overall seismic response of the structure.


ATLANTE has implemented the following types of anti-seismic devices:


Anti-semismic Devices

Rigid Connection Devices

Velocity Dependent Devices

Seismic Isolators

Expansion Joints

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