ATLANTE is proud to announce that AGM® special sliding material made of fluoropolymer has successfully completed a long term friction test over an accumulated slide path of 50000 m in accordance with EAD 050009-00-0301.

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ATLANTE Srl  is an engineering company founded in 2007 and controlled by the Brena family that owns from 1952 also CAVE Srl, a leader company in the manufacturing of devices for bridges and civil structures along with industrial machines for the Energy, Oil&Gas and Offshore sectors.


ATLANTE  deals with the design and the manufacturing of structural bearings, expansions joints and anti-seismic devices.


ATLANTE  operates worldwide and can count on a skilled, experienced and flexible structure. Its staff has participated successfully in various large scale projects throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa & Central Asia.


Competent technicians and engineers provide comprehensive customer support and work in cooperation with well-known Universities for research and development.


The importance that ATLANTE attaches to technical development is also found in its effort to achieve the most updated certifications and approvals for its products.


The head office and the two manufacturing plants are located in Canegrate, while the registered office is situated in Milano.


Company Profile

Head Office: Via Alessandria, 1 - 20010 Canegrate (MI) - ITALIA

Registered Office: Via Raimondo Montecuccoli, 36 - 20147 Milano (MI) - ITALIA

R.E.A. No. MI-1842251 | VAT, Tax Code and Milano Business Register No. 05693080961

Corporate Capital Euro 10400,00 fully paid in

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