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ATLANTE Seismic Isolators support the gravity load of the structure without excessive creep and resist non-seismic actions such as wind loadings and thermally induced displacements.


They provide by a law horizontal stiffness the desired law horizontal natural frequency for the isolated structure.


These devices are able to accommodate the large horizontal displacements produced by seismic actions whilst still safely supporting the gravity load of the structure and resisting the vertical forces produced by the seismic actions.


ATLANTE Seismic Isolators provide a level of damping sufficient adequately to control the horizontal displacements produced by the seismic actions unless supplementary devices are used to provide the damping. They do not impair the performance of the structural system under non-seismic service conditions.


ATLANTE Elastomeric Seismic Isolators (AESIs), consist of alternate layers of elastomeric material and vulcanized reinforcement steel plates.


They can be both high damping and low damping.


ATLANTE Lead Rubber Bearings (ALRBs) consist of alternate layers of elastomeric material and vulcanized reinforcement steel plates and contain holes plugged with lead.

Seismic Isolators


Elastomeric Seismic Isolators

ATLANTE is proud to announce that AGM® special sliding material made of fluoropolymer has successfully completed a long term friction test over an accumulated slide path of 50000 m in accordance with EAD 050009-00-0301.

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