ATLANTE is proud to announce that AGM® special sliding material made of fluoropolymer has successfully completed a long term friction test over an accumulated slide path of 50000 m in accordance with EAD 050009-00-0301.

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The brand  ATLANTE derives from the transposition of the myth of Atlante, the primordial Titan who held up the sky, to the world of modern civil engineering, where the structural bearings carry the loads of the bridges’ decks and have great importance for the security and durability of the structures in combination with expansion joints and anti-seismic devices.


The Italian word INGEGNERIA that follows ATLANTE, highlights the concept that, even if the company is specialized in the structural bearings and has an excellent know how for what concerns the design and the manufacturing of the expansion joints and the anti-seismic devices, it also gives a comprehensive support to the clients throughout all the stages of the project.


The logo, showing an idealized arch bridge supported by ATLANTE INGEGNERIA, contains the previous concepts and represents the visual identity of the company.


The Brand

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